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Welcome to the Web site that's all about Ball jars!

The main purpose of this Web Site is to hopefully give Bar Jar Collectors, no matter how experienced, an opportunity to learn as well as have a rich visual experience with Ball Jars. I am more than sure that visiting here will give Ball Jar Collectors and non-jar-collectors alike, a much better appreciation for the hobby of collecting Ball jars. I am hopeful that everyone spending time at this Web Site will appreciate the beauty, rarity and oddities that make each jar presented here unique in the world.

Words are a very powerful medium and as an occasional writer and poet, I make good use of them. Yet, a picture says a thousand words... The real beauty of a jar can only be truly appreciated through a first person encounter but pictures are the next best choice.

Many of the jars featured in the Photo Gallery were acquired solely through the combination of constant continual searching, being in the right place at the right time, an acute knowledge and understanding of what to look for and of course, good contacts in the hobby. There is a saying... "knowledge is power" and that is very true but being in the inner circle is also priceless. Only recently have I made a few really good friends and acquaintances to now be in the "right" circle.

A persons passion, fervor and excitement with collecting anything actually increases from having an appropriate knowledge base concerning the hobby, by either research, reading or interaction with others of like mind. That knowledge will hopefully allow a person to spot good and unusual jars from common and worthless examples.

*Note*  Not that some common Ball jars are actually worthless, because I have more common jars in the collection obviously then scarce or rare examples. Sometimes even so-called common jars are tougher to find then one might expect and to me, each & every jar has its own intrinsic value.

I've also included on this Web Site a page of information concerning the glass making process in general as well as other pages with crucial dating progression details of shoulder seal/bead seal Ball jars and important Events in Ball Corporation history. There are links to other Fruit Jar Sites as well as some other pages of interesting information and pictures of Ball Jars..

...Plus, back in the good ole days when there was no such thing as a digital cameras & the Internet, people shared visual information through "snail" mail! Well, believe it or not, that wasn't too long ago in actuality.  One of the primary ways of showing another collector what the embossing on a jar actually looked like in those days was through a process called "rubbing."  In 1990, I wrote a small article on how to accomplish this process in the easiest most precise manor. At the time, I was considered by many, the best known at this craft. I hope you enjoy the article.

***All of the old Ball related graphical images on this Web Site were digitally scanned and then "painstakingly" fixed and enhanced by Yours Truly, Web Master {BallJarz}  A lot of hard work and effort was put into this Web Site and is a continual labor of love. So please don't take any of the graphics and use them for your own purposes. Relentless hours were spent fixing badly soiled, damaged and stained images so those coming here could enjoy the true beauty of the old art work of a time long gone bye. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

I want to Apologize to everyone I have Not replied to who emailed me. Due to "Personal Issues" I have Not had Internet access for quite some time. Only a Smart Phone. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Please E-mail your comments concerning this Web Site?

Your insights are appreciated as well as any info and digital pictures concerning unusual Ball jars. If enough interest is generated, I'll post photos of other collectors jars.


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Photo Album

Please take a look at the online photo album filled with pictures of some very nice jars from my Ball Jar collection. You might as well since this is one of the main reasons I created and maintain this Site. =))

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