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Jars of mine that have been hidden away in boxes for many years...

I have many jars that have been in boxes for years now. Due to lack of space, personal problems etc., some of the jars haven't seen the light of day for quite some time. I've recently just felt like going through some of the boxes 1 x 1 to see what treasures might lie within. I think I'm going to be very surprised & excited over some of what I find!

Balll MASON (ghosted, PATENT 1858)

This is a really nice jar. The word MASON has been Re-Cut on this jar while the S after Mason as well as PATENT & 1858 have been allowed to fade away.

Most people would over look this jar as just another ordinary Ball jar but this jar shows how Ball was @ one point leaving the older embossing variations & now going to the newer standardized Balll MASON {only} embossing.


This is a fairly difficult jar to find. It really doesn't look all that different from it's sister jar but what makes this jar unique is the fact the 'S on the word MASON. You'll pick up & find many Balll IMPROVED MASON Qt jars before you ever find this variation.

Balll MASO

This is one of those neat error jars that you can find or come across once in blue moon. The N is definitely NOT there.

Balll {ghosted MASON}

This is a really very nicely whittled HG aqua jar. Normally an aqua jar like this would be just another Ball jar but the character of this jar makes it extremely appealing. Plus, the word MASON is practically invisible. You'd have to hold the jar right up close to see it.

Ball {ghosted 3rd L} MASON IMPROVED (dropped-R)

This is a sweet little light sca pint Ball jar that you hardly ever see for sale. You'd have to have the jar in your face to see the 3rd L ghosting but it's there. Also the fact it is a dropped-R is pretty nice too. Another one of those long lost forgotten jars stting in a box.

Ball IMROVED Triplet dropped-R Pts...

Well, I lucked out finding three different colors but I'm still not sure how I ever came across the middle jar!

Balll {only}3L aqua qt

Unfortunately, except for the absolute incredible amount of seed buubles in this jar, it's just another dime a dozen Ball jar. But this jar has so much character due to the unbelieveable seed bubbling that anyone would love to own it. I honestly can't remember another jar with as many seed bubbles as this one.


This is a 20 Series (1923 - 1933) ball blue Qt. This is actually another dime a dozen jar except that it is completely mishapen. Being Egg Shaped as well as having the one of the toughest base #'s {15} makes this an unusual jar and a keeper.


Clear square Qt 20 Series BPM. Ok...so this is "Only" a clear Ball jar, No big deal you say but ah, look @ the base closely on this jar. Miller machine made and many Miller jars of the very late 20's & the 30's era had what is called "concentric circles" added to the base. I'm not sure why exactly the purpose but I believe the concentric circles help with jar slippage. This jar though has very deep Debossed Concentric Circles on the base. I have never come across another Ball jar with a base such as this one. A very unusual jar indeed & one you'd only find by picking up thousands of ordinary jars & actually taking the time to look them over closely.


Clear round Pt Teen (1915 - 1922/23) Series Ideal. Yepper, so onnce again we're talking about a worthless clear Ball jar. 1st of all, clear dropped-a jars are difficult to find. Hmmm, look @ the base too on this jar. Later Owens machine made with "concentric circles" added. Technically speaking, Concentric Circles don't belong on this jar. Ball didn't start using them until 1932 or so. Most likely, this was an older mold retro-fitted & used to help with an increase in pint jar orders. You'd only find this jar also by picking up thousands of ordinary jars & actually taking the time to look them over closely. This pint also can be found in Ball Blue.


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