Jar Wants

I am always looking for Rare, Scarce and Uncommon Ball Jars including good colored examples!

I Pay Top Dollars $$$$ for Rare Colored 3L Balll MASON Jars! RB# 234
This is a short Wish List of some of the Jars I would love to add to the collection...
As with any collector, there are too many jars I want but I am unable to list them here.
Please ask if you have something different that I might be interested in.
1. HAHNE & CO.  Newark, N.J. rev: MASON - RB# 1166-2 ***
2. Balll MASON base: HANY RB # 234-2 ***
3. Balll MASON (front) Balll MASON (reverse) two front moulds used RB# 235-5 ***
4. BBGMCo (monogram) (squared shoulder variety) RB #194-3
5. THE Ball MASON'S PATENT 1858  (improved closure with glass lid and zinc band, Quart example)
6. PORCELAIN BBGMCo LINED (Zinc Cap) inside: Ball Bro's Glass Mfg Co Buffalo, NY embossed on milk glass liner.
7. The Ball PAT. APL'D. FOR (shoulder seal quart example)
8. MASON'S PATENT NOV. 30TH 1858 (Half Gallon with five pointed Star embossed on base)
10. SURE SEAL MADE FOR L. BAMBERGER & CO Any size in CLEAR & also wide mouth Gallon in any color.
11. Ball PERFECTION quart dated front example.
12. BAMBERGER'S THE ALWAYS BUSY STORE (in banner) Newark - Gallon
13. Ball PERFECT MASON (with Perfection ledge & No. 2 lid).
14. Ball MASON (with Perfection ledge & No. 2 lid).
15. MASON'S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 (glass lid & screw band closure) Looking for outstanding colored examples!
16. Ball PERFECT MASON Odd Colors in all sizes.
17. Ball IDEAL Odd dimples and colors in any size.
18. Milkglass Perfection Muncie lid...
19. Ball V (glass lid) Clear & Milk Glass examples
20. MASON'S PATENT NOV 30TH 58 (looking for straight sided and midget examples in good color)
Almost any Ball Jar that is a good Color example!
 Practically any Ball Jar that is strange, odd or different from the norm.


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